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Water Damage Tips from SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services.

SHOWCASE Total Cleaning and Restoration Services, realizes that wet carpet, flood damage, flooded basements, water intrusion and other water related problems often come as a shock, and can be a traumatic experience for homeowners and their families. Here are a few water damage tips you may find helpful in waiting for one of our water damage technicians to arrive.

DO’s to help facilitate less damage as a result of standing water/water intrusion.

  • Turn off the circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas.
  • Unplug and remove any small electrical devices on/or at wet areas.
  • Watch slipping hazards when walking/transitioning from wet carpet to hard surfaces.
  • Remove all valuables and art/paintings to a safe dry place.
  • Remove any loose rugs (area rugs) from wet area and place on dry surface (concrete/tile floor).
  • Remove any items that will absorb water, books, magazines, clothing, etc.
  • Place aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • If cushions/pillows get wet, remove from area and prop up in standing position.
  • Remove as much standing water as possible, use a wet vacuum, rags, towels or whatever you can find that will help absorb the water.
  • Open wet cabinet doors and drawers. Do not force doors open if impeded by swelling.
  • If possible, open windows in cool temperatures and turn on air conditioning in warmer temperatures.

DON’TS while waiting for your water damage technician to arrive.

  • Do not turn ceiling fans on when the ceiling is wet.
  • Do not leave wet fabrics in place.  Dry them as soon as possible.
  • Do not attempt to clean or blot dry any wet colored fabrics or other potentially color staining fibers.
  • Do not leave furniture on wet carpet, if at all possible remove or block furniture immediately. Water will absorb in the wood and stain the flooring/carpet.
  • Do not leave wet items that are metal or steel as they can cause rust stains to other materials they are in touch with.
  • Do not try "do it yourself" water intrusion. You are urged to call a professional as standing water will absorb in building materials. Proper professional moisture reading equipment is paramount in remediating water intrusion. If not dried to a dry standard "as soon as possible" you can be causing further, more expensive concerns, such as damaging building materials, odors, fungi, mold.
  • Please call SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services, LLC for your water damage cleanup needs. You will be happy you did!

SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration BOARD UP Services.

If your property has been damage due to wind, fire or vandalism, you can count on SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services to provide an exceptionally high standard of board up services. One phone call to our helpline is all that is needed. SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services will provide temporary board ups to windows, doors, vehicle into structures, roof tarp coverage until a complete repair can be completed by a licensed general contractor.

SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services will arrive at your location promptly, to make your property temporarily safe and secure. Our board up technicians arrive quickly and make thorough inspections to ensure the right specifications are followed and the correct materials are used to insure a secure, safe board up.

All calls to SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services are handled through by trained staff who understand the need to react and respond immediately.

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