SHOWCASE Carpet Deep Steam Cleaning

Your carpets should be cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule, protect your investment.

Your carpets need to be cleaned on a pre-determined basis based on traffic, pets, kids, outside environment and more.  SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services will help take the guess work out of protecting your investment and help suggest a cleaning schedule that suits your needs. 

Whether residential or commercial your carpets in time will and could collect dirt, oils from skin, bacteria, dust mites and allergens. These contaminants can hide deep in the fibers of your carpet. At SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services, we use the latest technology, techniques, training and equipment that gives us the advantage when it comes to keeping up with industry standards, recommendations and changes in our field of expertise. We use the industry's most advanced truck-mounted steam cleaning system, which will deep clean and remove ground-in soil and renew your carpet's appearance. SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration also offers carpet repair, carpet protector (stain-resistant protective coating) and deodorizers.


What makes these line appear?

Consider your ventilation system (heating & air conditioner). When filtration soiling occurs your ventilation system is forcing air into the room or space at a higher rate than it can escape from the same area. The air then seeks escape paths, which more than likely end up being the gap between the carpet and the wall trim, under doors.

When the air is pushed through these gaps, it penetrates the carpet, which works as a filter to the air. All pollutants in the air are trapped by the carpet, therefore turning your carpet gray or black in those aforementioned areas. This soiling does not occur due to poor vacuuming however the lack of vacuuming can compound the problem.  Using your crevice tool when vacuuming on a regular basis can help in eliminating this problem.

Can you eliminate the filtration build up?

Discoloration of the carpet caused by filtration soiling is very difficult to remove. The particles are extremely fine and thus end up firmly embedded in the fibers of the carpet. In some extreme cases, it may not be possible to fully remove all traces of the soiling.

For this type of soiling, it is best to let the professionals handle it. The cleaning method that is likely to be most successful is hot water extraction (commonly known as steam cleaning). A cleaning solution added to the water in the machine will help in the removal of the soiling.

Can changing my HVAC filters or cleaning my HVAC system help in controlling or eliminating it?

The first step to preventing filtration soiling is to be sure that your ducts are clean. As the air is forced through the ventilation system, it picks up whatever dirt is in the ducts, and carries it into the living areas of the home, and into the carpet. We advise that having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis is one of the best ways of preventing this type of soiling in your carpet. (Please check our discounts for air duct cleaning).

Additionally, be sure to change your HVAC filter on a regular basis, as recommended by the type of filter you use. The filter traps a good portion of airborne particulates and pollutants, preventing them from entering the duct system and out into the main areas of the home.

Why should you trust in SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services with your carpets?
We follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and always adhere to warranty requirements.
30 years of hands on experience and training in the total cleaning and restoration industry.
We use the latest technology in truck mounted cleaning equipment.
We understand you have other choices in carpet cleaning methods but rest assured that SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services will integrate the methods that are best for your carpets while always protecting your investment.
We also offer carpet protector (stain-resistant protective coating), deodorizers, carpet spot dying and carpet repairs.
What processes are involved when SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration comes out to perform Carpet Cleaning Services?


Our service tech will walk with you throughout the carpeted areas to be cleaned and set expectations upfront. He or she will inspect the carpet to identify any traffic wear, possible stains and areas of concern. 


At SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration Services we recommend that the consumer pre-vacuum their carpets prior to our arrival or we will be happy to utilize our vacuum to perform this task.  We have a commercial HEPA vacuum that is maintained and cleaned after every job.     

Furniture Moving

Most furniture is shifted or moved, blocked or chipped however heavy pieces such as curio cabinets, entertainment centers, pianos will incur an extra charge.  Your cleaning specialist will be able to address those large items with you.  Keep in mind that the weight of most heavy objects can be cleaned around as it is virtually impossible to soil under those items. 


A preconditioning solution is applied to all traffic areas to emulsify and break down soils for a more effective cleaning.


Heavy soiling spots or spills will be pre-treated with our spotting solutions to improve the chance of effective spot or spill removal. 

Carpet Rake Agitation

Our technician will utilize a carpet rake or brush to agitate any stubborn areas of concern that will help in the process of further breaking down soils, stains or buildup. 

Soil Extraction and Rinse

The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed and dry stroked utilizing our powerful truck mounted cleaning system without leaving any residue behind.

Carpet Protector

To protect your investment and extend the carpet life and prevent fewer permanent stains, ask our technician about our Carpet Protector to be applied to your newly cleaned carpets. 

Post Groom

Your carpet is groomed with a grooming rake so that the pile of your carpet is uplifted when we leave. Post grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and gives your carpet piles that like new appearance.

Post Cleaning Inspection

Our carpet cleaning specialist will lastly walk through the job with you to insure you are fully satisfied with the results, once you are completely satisfied our technician gives your carpet a final grooming and carefully breaks down and removes all equipment.  Our workmanship is always second to none. 

Carpet Repairs & Reinstalls

At SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration we also perform expert padding and carpet reinstalls to include carpet re-stretch and repairs. 

Carpet Dyeing - Spot Dyeing

At SHOWCASE Total Cleaning & Restoration we also perform expert carpet spot dying.  Let us help you put the color back into your faded carpets or bleach spots.